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Exterior & Landscape Design

The term villa designates several types of structure that share a natural setting or agrarian purpose. Included in the architecture of a villa may be working structures devoted to farming, referred to as villa rustic, as well as living quarters, or villa Urbana. A villa typically has a living room, several bedrooms, a garden, and a private pool. Furthermore, because a villa is created to be totally independent of its surroundings, it is frequently surrounded by private walkways and garden designs. A Villa is a unique type of home that offers an upscale lifestyle and luxurious amenities. This style of housing is typically found in exclusive resort communities, or as standalone properties in upscale neighborhoods . The villa can be defined by its distinct design elements, which include large rooms, vaulted ceilings, High-end fixtures and finishes, Private outdoor living areas and sprawling lawns. 

Dupont's House Exterior.png

Dupont's House


Carrer De La Cala villa Exterior.png

Carrer De La Cala villa


O Villa Exterior.png

O Villa

2000 M2

Lisboa Luminosa Villa.png

Lisboa Luminosa Villa

2000 M2

Vala Blanes.png

Vala Blanes Villa

2250 M2

Two curve house.png

Two curve house

2000 M2

Mr andres Niemeier.png

Mr andreas Niemeier

1000 M2

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