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Dupont's House 

Project Location : Spain 

Site area : 1000 M2

Design year : 2024

The Architecture of VILLA is derived from the subtraction of volumes. The space si formed from aggregation and subtraction of pure masses focusing on Space experience with the best performance and lighting. The positioning of spaces is one of the main and important reasons for creating such voids trying ot vanish the interval between inside and outside and turn nature and seasonal changes into a spectacular experience of abuilding. The harmony between material and construction is vital in this design.

nl the meantime VILLA, void spaces tremendously strengthen the functional clusters with subtraction in form and create the basis for performing practical activities with different titles such as entrance, corner, balcony, vestibule, and yard, various public and private terraces are formed in the project which has caused Deep shadows and created with acombination of abroad ceiling and terface spaces that frame the sky, for a delight for the eye and protect residents of the villa from harsh sunlight.

The physical program of the project includes a hall, dining room, and living area ni addition to guest rooms in the Northern volumes of the mass, and kitchen and master bedrooms spaces ni the southern volumes of the mass. Atotal of four bedrooms are located above and the lower.

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