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Interior Design

Interior architecture is the design of a building or shelter from inside out, or the design of a new interior for a type of home that can be fixed, it can refer to the initial design and plan used for a building's interior, to that interior's later redesign made to accommodate a changed purpose, or to the significant revision of an original design for the adaptive reuse of the shell of the building concerned. By merging aesthetics with functionality interior architecture aims to create and develop new builds, restore existing interiors, or convert a building from its intended usage to a new use, often from commercial to residential usage.

Dupont's House.png

Dupont's House

150 M2

O Villa.png

O Villa

150 M2

Carrer De La Cala Villa.png

Carrer De La Cala Villa

200 M2

Mr andres Niemeier Interior.png

Mr andres Niemeier

110 M2

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