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O Villa

Project Location : Spain 

Site area : 2000 M2

Design year : 2024

The project is circular and The outside and inside space in this project are intertwined. Let's create. nl creating this project, each of the curved forms has different details that have tried to make the environment more attractive and give the viewer a sense of calm and mental sea wave. At the front of the home, the solid walls are combined with cut-outs and windows to create a unique appearance. The kitchen, dining and living room al share the same space that's filled with natural light from the large sliding doors.

The designing the house the architect mentions that 'a balance was sought between fullness and emptiness. weight are airness, light and shades, or the object and its image. At the front of the home, the curved walls are combined with windows to create a unique appearance. The circle wals wraps around to rear and opens to reveal alarge elliptical structure. Acircle staircase with a large circular window leads you to levels of the home. In this circular project, we have sought to create forms that give the space "balance", "softness" and "calmness" and create spaces with a rhythmic and melodic sense, and along with vertical and horizontal lines, a space that is gentle and at the same time exciting. Curved lines are lovely for us.

The human mind subconsciously prefers to pay attention to buildings, houses and even curved house furniture. Betause the mind, seeing the curved shapes, shows the same reaction as if there is a beautiful image or scene in front of its eyes. This project is situated in a rocky area facing the sea, and it is characterized by our entry from the ground floor, which actually descends into negative levels. Our entrance is from the top of the project, offering a 360-degree view towards the sea and the landscape, while from the road view, it is designed not to disrupt the skyline, ensuring there is no interference with the sky line from the highest point of the mountain down, essentially avoiding any overlap with the skyline. It features sports and workspaces, and a dining area positioned at sea level, offering a 360-degree view
of the sea, with a dock comprising a combination of a fireplace area, a small pool, and seating and a large bar to chill and enjoy the sunset.

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