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Two curve house

Project Location : Spain 

Site area : 2000 M2

Design year : 2024

We have two boxes on the sides, and the project's positioning is such that from one side, where we have the street, we wanted the project to be seen in a way that minimizes inward penetration in terms of visibility. So what we were able to do is to minimize this by using louvre-shaped parts in the ground floor section, essentially with open and closable guards, while still being able to direct some light inward. To connect the two boxes together, our idea was to use curved forms.

Given that the expansiveness and length of the facade were quite large, we wanted to essentially connect them with a very general occurrence and avoid excessive details and excessive volumes. So the idea we had was to connect these two boxes with a curved middle surface. To compensate for the lack of light from the street side, in the center of the project, considering the same curve that we created between these two boxes, we placed lighting, which is actually the midpoint of the project and essentially in our project's west, we have curved volumes.

That is, if you look from above at the middle box of the project, we have curved forms, and in fact, the left and right of the project have mostly cubic volumes, which is also evident from an aerial view and landscaping. We placed the largest opening towards the rear courtyard, which actually faces no neighbor and is a completely open space where with its help, we were able to create a warm space, using a television in that area. We placed a wide terrace throughout the rear section, which can have the most view from this courtyard space and compensate for the limited view from the street side.

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