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Lisboa Luminosa Villa

Project Location : Portugal 

Site area : 2000 M2

Design year : 2024

This project evokes a sense of freedom with soft, curved lines, presenting a completely liberated and unrestrained structure. Each facade forms an independent identity, with no priority given to any of them. Beginning with preserving privacy in the first wall with a circulation space, followed by green-covered spaces, and then encountering the second circulation space and the building itself in the subsequent walls.

By maintaining privacy and separating private open spaces from the entrance area, landscape elements such as pools, fire pits, and open bars are placed behind the building. The project's landscape includes scattered circular centers, defining the boundaries of the ground and circulation spaces, with each center featuring green spaces with elements such as trees. Inside the project, we encounter soft occurrences and arches drawn from the facade into the project, representing the external and internal identity of the project and its concept. Ultimately, this concept brings inner and outer tranquility to both consumers and users of the building.

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