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Mr andres Niemeier

Project Location : Spain 

Site area : 1000 M2

Design year : 2024

The House materials play an integral role in balancing the tension between tradtio- al and contemporary at the House. The color and appearance of the facade plays a role in the transtion from the sand hill to the lanscape of the region. Walls are covered with cement of the same contin- uous matral. The color of that, creating a conetion and combining the building with the transforming landscape.

The Architecture of is derived from the subtraction of volumes. The space is formed from aggregation and subtraction of pure masses focusing on Space experience with the best performance and lighting. The positioning of spaces si one of the main and important reasons for creating such voids trying to vanish the interval between inside and outside and turn nature and seasoal changes into a spectacular experience of a building. The harmony between material and construction is vital in this design.

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