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Carrer De La Cala villa

Project Location : Spain 

Site area : 2000 M2

Design year : 2024

This project features a layered and volumetric structure, with stacked, staircase-like elements. Horizontal lines divide the project into layers of solid and transparent walls, along with green lines. Emphasizing horizontal lines makes the building appear broader from the outside, while vertical lines inside create a sense of height. The project's entrance, recessed within the central volume, invites users inward and guides them internally.

The overall volume is divided into three boxes from the external view, with the left and right boxes housing bedrooms and relaxation spaces, while the central box, prioritizing glass and dark stone materi- als, accommodates horizontal and vertical accesses, receptions, kitchens, dining areas, services, and public spaces

The project's scenario connects the front and back facade entrance spaces, the reception hall, and bedrooms, allowing users easy access and enlarging the living room areas with transparent double-glazed walls. In addition to extensive landscaping, terraces, and roof gar- dens, the ground floor of the project is protected by a cylindrical glass structure of a tree, serving as a focal point of the project's exter- nal and internal concepts and adjacent to the bar space, chimney, and vertical access of the project.

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