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Mr andres Niemeier Interior

Site area : 110 M2

Design year : 2024

The project is a residence and the design of a spacious apartment in one of the best residential complexes. The lightning or- chestration with bespoke design gives warming and guiding effect through the house. Throughout the spaces ambient light, wood textures, and transparent surfaces boost the lightness of the home and maintain the intertwin game be- tween natural and artificial.

There is a custom island of stone and metal that smoothly blends into the dining table in the space that the kitchen shares with the living room. As for private spaces, the master bedroom and the guest bed- room are made in a somewhat ascetic style: nothing will distract the owner or his guests from a good night's sleep. The studio's team was traditionally inspired by stone and wood in this project. We de- signed an island in the kitchen based on our sketches and sinks and decorative slabs for framing walls and window.

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