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Carrer De La Cala Villa

Site area : 200 M2

Design year : 2024

This project is a combination of wood, stone, cement, and glass that, due to its high ceilings across the floors, gives a sense of comfort and tranquility with a warm color theme to the user. The main lines and shapes of the design blend vertical elements and floor-to-ceiling interactions, which enhances the feeling of height. Each area, including the living space, kitchen, and TV room, although adjacent to one another, are differentiated through the arrangement of furniture, lighting design, and wall decorations.

In the entrance area of the project, the double-height space with object lighting creates a sense of openness and invites the user into the space, leading then to the distribution area that connects four spaces: the bedrooms, the living room, the building entrance, and the pool entrance.

The living room includes five areas: the sitting area, kitchen, dining area, TV room, and bar. Additionally, in the floor and ceiling of the project, the bar area and the stairs to the upper level are distinguished from the rest of the spaces with wood materials.

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