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Dupunt's House

Site area : 150 M2

Design year : 2024

Our challenge was to find a "commun ground" in a more physical sense, for the different cultures and spaces in the building, under one roof. A ceiling that, in a metaphorical sense, shows similarities that led to valuable insights - all humans operate in different societies and have dynamic, on-the-go cultures. It inspired us to dig deeper and dare to have a fresher and more creative narrative a place that can be a positive disruption and reveal itself as an unexpected territory.

A space for the co-existence of all residents and acquaintances for different purposes together, where the whole story takes place in a complex, with many and beautiful waiting spaces. Fascinated by the deep jewel color scheme and retro chic touches, we unleashed all our creative ideas to narrate a different meeting space.
A space where one feels relaxed but not tuned down, a space that invites to slow down, to integrate fast-forward information gathered throughout the day and moreover a space where human connection is facilitated at a deeper level.

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