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Golden Shadow

Console Table

Size : 195 * 40 * 75 CM

the marble with backlit inside the box of steel standing on tempered-glass leg supports on the wall, gives a unique and precious look to your entrance.They adapt perfectly to any style of interiors, helping you to manage your sapace. Skinrock doesn't just impress with its rich grain and the structured, unmistakeable surfaces. Our slate, sandstone are so thin that they can be backlit to create a unique ambience and mood.


Layer 8.png

Copper Natural

Layer 9.png

Steel Black

Layer 6.png

Mountain Line

Layer 7.png

Fantasy White

Layer 10.png

Lime White

Layer 5.png

Desert Storm

Layer 12.png

Mother Earth

Layer 11.png

Fresh Earth

Layer 13.png

Jungle Fire

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