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Marble Shadow


Size : 80 * 28 * 174 CM

This bookcase is inspired by architectural elements. Marble Shadow consists of an elegant matte steel structure paired with glass shelves, an exquisite marble panel and delightful luminous back-lighting, making it a jewel for any home. The Marble Shadow is designed to create a stunning visual effect and offers plenty of space to store and display book and collectibles. The marble which is on the background is a natural Stone from Switzerland, Incredibly thin and light with transparency. This bookcase got »Special Mention<< distinction of the German Design Awards pays tribute to consistent design conception and implementation. In each category, the jury awards an appropriate number of entries with this mark of excellence for innovative design based on their quality. They are selected by a separate expert jury for each category of the German Design Awards.


Layer 8.png

Copper Natural

Layer 9.png

Steel Black

Layer 6.png

Mountain Line

Layer 7.png

Fantasy White

Layer 10.png

Lime White

Layer 5.png

Desert Storm

Layer 12.png

Mother Earth

Layer 11.png

Fresh Earth

Layer 13.png

Jungle Fire

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